Presentation of the Research, 20.12.2017
Vushtrri, 20.12.2017 – Today, at the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety (KAPS) was published the research report on the topic “The impact of prison environment and quality of prison life of employed male inmates in Dubrava Prison and female inmates in Lipjan Prison”, which was done by Ferid Azemi professor at Faculty of Public Safety and Nebih Halili from the Kosovo Correctional Service.

Visibility Event of Vocational Education Training Curricula, 09.11.2017
“Visibility Event of Vocational Education Training Curricula” was held at the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety (KAPS), where the completion of the first component was evaluated, which is related to “Contribution to the structure of sustainable vocational training for all public Security Agencies in Kosovo “.Present were the Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Flamur Sefaj, Director of the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety Mr. Ismail Smakiqi, Deputy Head of the European Union Office of Cooperation in Kosovo Mr. Libor Chlad, Director of the Department for Order and Security at OSCE Mr. Akhe Roghe, Member State Project Leader Ms. Krista Haak, Member State Resident Twinning Adviser Ms. Ritva Vahakoski, Senior Adviser to the MIA Management Executive from ICITAP Ms. Drita Perezic, Head of the Academy Board Mr. Bajram Bujupi, Dean of the Faculty of Public Safety, Mr. Bejtush Gashi, Academy’s senior staff and Public Safety Agencies, Heads and member of working groups of the Component 1 of the twinning project.
General Director of Kosovo Academy for Public Safety, Ismail Smakiqi, welcomed the participants and evaluated that the Twinning Project is being developed in the dynamics foreseen by the contract.
During the conference the completion of the Component 1 was discussed, Mr. Smakiqi said achievements are a result of the joint work of working groups of Public Safety Agencies, Academy and Experts from Finland and Estonia.
MS Project Leader Ms. Krista Haak on behalf of the of the second Twinning Project about further developing the public safety education in Kosovo, confirmed that it has been reached a crucial point in three years long journey with the Project activities and outcomes.
Today we are celebrating a successful end of Component I, which was focusing on the development of vocational trainings in Kosovo Academy. Component I has had the most ambitious goals of the Project since the beginning with the overall purpose to create a sustainable vocational training structure in Kosovo Academy of Public Safety.
Ms. Krista Haak pointed out 4 key words that have brought the success of Component 1: Cooperation, Communication, Motivation and Dedication. The involvement and contribution of all counterparts of EU Office in Kosovo, Twinning Project experts, KAPS staff, representatives of the agencies, OSCE but also public safety institutions in Finland and Estonia, local authorities NQA and KAA and many others. And hereby I would like to forward my sincere gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the cooperation in different activities of the Project.
The Twinning Project on this occasion handed out the Appreciation certificates to the members of Working Group of PSA and KAPS for contributing to the development of professional training programs for Public Safety Agencies in the twinning project and contributing to the activities in the institutional accreditation process KAPS in the twinning project.

Three-day seminar on curricula development
From 23 to 25.02.2016, a 3-day seminar was held in Kosovo Academy for Public Safety. This seminar was organized for working group members of all Public Safety Agencies, KAPS staff, and other stakeholders involved in the activities of the Component I (Contribution to a sustainable vocational training structure for all Public Safety Agencies). The seminar focused on the theory, principles, and requirements for curricula development. The methods of defining the learning outcomes for each particular course and the requirements for validation and implementation of new curricula have been addressed as well.

Kick-off seminar
On 16.03.2016 a Kick-off seminar was held in Kosovo Academy for Public Safety. The purpose of the Kick-off Seminar was to introduce the EU-funded Twinning Project and its further support to public safety education, to Kosovo society, communities, citizens and especially the public safety services and members.
The Kick-off seminar was organized to launch the Twinning Project, to illustrate its strategic objectives, to endorse the partnership between the Administrations involved, and give institutional visibility to the project and to the EU.
Seminar was attended by Mr. Skender Hyseni, Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Ismail Smakiqi, Director General of KAPS, Mr. Christof Stock from European Union Office, Mrs. Anne Huhtamaki, Ambassador of Finland, Mrs. Krista Haak, Twinning Project Leader, and representatives of public safety agencies and twinning project experts.