Project Management comes both from Finland and Kosovo

Ismail SmakiqiBeneficiary Country Project Leader: Mr. Ismail Smakiqi (Kosovo) 
Technology Engineer. Currently working as a General Director of the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety. His experience include different professional and managerial positions in public institutions and private companies. Lately he was an Engineer in Post and Telecom of Kosovo  J.S.C., for two years he was a Deputy Mayor of Mitrovica Municipality, for 5 years served as an Administrator of a private projecting and construction engineering company “Linprojekt” sh.p.k.. Furthermore, for 2 years he was a Director of Mitrovica Cultural Center “Rexhep Mitrovica”, and for other 2 years a technologist of water chemical preparation in the Kosova Energy Corporation J.S.C. His leadership and managerial experience is highly evaluated and appreciated

Ms. Krista Haak Project Leader Ms. Krista Haak (Estonia)
Master of Organizational Behaviour
International Diploma in Educational Management, Expert in Quality Management, Assessor of the EFQM model, Vice-Rector for the Academic Affairs at the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences. In the project Ms. Haak represents expertise in the security sciences education and the expertise in quality management in the higher education institution. As the Project Leader, she will be responsible for coordinating the overall thrust of the project from Finland and Estonia, co-chairing the Project Steering Committee and being MS responsible for the successful implementation of the project. Her work allocation in the government service is based, on 20 (4 working days per month) of her total duties for the project, including 12 allocated slots for the PSC visits to Kosovo with a possibility for additional and need-based support in evaluation, trouble-shooting, mediation etc. for the best of the project.

Ms. Ritva VähäkoskiResident Twinning Adviser Ms. Ritva Vähäkoski (Finland)
Master of Health Care and Social Services. National Teacher´s pedagogical qualification, Advanced degree in Prison Service. Ms. Vähäkoski has worked as a Senior Lecturer at the National Training Institute of Prison and Probation Services and is in charge of management, development, planning and teaching activities. She has gained experience in international cooperation with other Correctional Services, Training Institutes and Universities. The RTA has an important role in assisting the Project Leaders in the co-ordination and management of the project. RTA Works on a daily basis with BC staff to implement project, support and co-ordinate activities in BC. It is RTA’s responsibility to ensures continuity of implementation during the whole twinning project. One of the RTA’s tasks is to approve Short Term Experts Mission Certificates. RTA will take part in Steering Group meeting held in Kosovo. She is also responsible for organizing Kick-off and Closure seminars held in Kosovo.


Avni Istrefi

Mr. Avni Istrefi – Resident Twinning Adviser Counterpart (Kosovo)
Has completed a master’s degree in “International General Management” from International Management University College “Globus” in Prishtina. He currently works as Head of External Relations Division within KAPS. His experience consists of different professional and managerial positions both in local and international public institutions. For more than a year, he was Manager of Personnel Division (KAPS). During the period of time 2009 – 2010, he was Head of KAPS’s Working Group which coordinated and managed all activities related to Accreditation and Certification of training programs, and of institution itself. He has also in the meantime worked as Curricula Development Officer, than as Emergency Driving Instructor and Basic Driving Instructor (driving licenses) as part of OSCE Mission in Kosovo, than as interpreter at Traffic Section, again as part of OSCE Mission in Kosovo.