Fifth Steering Committee meeting of the Twinning Project

Vushtrri, 14th June, 2017 in the Academy for Public Safety (KAPS), the fifth meeting of the Steering Committee of the Twinning Project “Further Support to public safety education in Kosovo” was held, where during the presentation of the reports participants recognized the progress that has been made in the fulfilment of this project.
General Director of the Academy Mr.Smakiqi, Ms.Krista Haak, Twinning Project Leader, the representative from the Office of the European Union Mr.Rafael Nievergelt welcomed the participants to the meeting by acknowledging the excellent work of all involved actors in the twinning project ” Further Support to public safety education in Kosovo “, project funded by the European Union .
Also the representative from the Office of the European Union Mr.Rafael Nievergelt, expressed his satisfaction with the work of the Academy and evaluated that the Twinning project is being implemented successfully, emphasising the importance of cooperation between KAPS – EU – OSCE and Agencies.
The director of the Department for Public Safety and Security in the OSCE Mr. Ake Roghe emphasised that the Academy is doing an important job for the country keeping in view their development towards sustainable training of public safety agencies and future MA program.
Ms.Krista Haak, Twinning Project Leader said that during the project journey as in any other project there are challenges, but as over half of the mission is completed the success must be appreciated and the good cooperation between all stakeholders is crucial for completing all project phases.
During the meeting of the Project Steering Committee Resident Twinning Advisor Ms.Ritva Vahakoski presented an interim report to the fifth quarter of twinning in detail sharing a successful and comprehensive report with the audience.
The cooperation between KAPS, EU, Twinning Project and OSCE was highly appreciated, and it was said that this cooperation is worth pursuing taking into account the needs and successes as a result of this cooperation.